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A Top Faith (BGP review)


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Is the Assemblies of Yahweh a top faith?

Well, certainly in terms of members it isn't. Membership dwindles in comparison to most Christian groups, with less than a thousand members worldwide. However, in terms of morality, the Assemblies of Yahweh does seem far higher on the charts than most Christian groups. They hold one of two beliefs which might be considered discriminatory, but they are by no means a cult. The truth is this:  for the Assemblies of Yahweh, the continual problem it faces  is having to fight against false accusations and immorality. The Assemblies of Yahweh is a vibrant, rewarding faith however on typing “Assemblies of Yahweh cult” into a popular search engine will generate over 6,000 entries. BGP commissioned Zucker to examine the cult claims and our results have been recorded on a [cult claims] essay by BGP. It can be noted that “cult accusations found on the internet were highly suspect and largely unfounded.

The Assemblies of Yahweh have compared the steady stream of propaganda against them to Revelation 12:15.

Revelation 12:15 (New International Version):

15Then from his mouth the serpent spewed water like a river, to overtake the woman and sweep her away with the torrent.

  Since the Assemblies of Yahweh are not actually Christians, they are viewed by many Christians as a 'cult.' 'This is regrettable because the early Apostolic Assembly were initially not called Christians either.




Is it "unchristian?"

How could a group that teaches us how to keep the commandments be a bad one? The answer lies in the modern interpretation of Paul’s writings, which most Christians use to denounce the Biblical law and encourage faith. However, this said, the Assemblies of Yahweh cut straight in to the contradictions (often taken from the Book of Galations) and authored a book: "Commentary on Galations”. Published several decades ago, this book goes through, verse by verse, each chapter in Galatians building a thorough and convincing argument to explain how Paul was not teaching a no-law doctrine – that the law had been done away with - but rather he was teaching that the penalty of the law had been done away with at the death of Yahshua, that is, if we keep the law (see Romans 6:1-3, 6:23, 7:1). The book is an interesting read but probably disregarded by most Christians as it is in direct opposition to the 'faith' over 'law' teachings.


How do the Assemblies of Yahweh view faith?

The stance taken by the Assemblies of Yahweh is that this faith in Yahweh can be shown through faithfully keeping His commandments. Everything else is also subject to the commandments of Yahweh – even prayer. It is Zucker's opinion that this form f faith is more coherent than even that dominant in Christianity. To the AOY, faith without law is illogical, irrational and dangerous.

Why use the Sacred Names?

Nowadays there are many criticisms surrounding the use of the Sacred Names. However, the AOY are simply using the unique Name revealed in His Word to address the Almighty. Similar to using a key word search on the internet, those who would like the best results would use a specific name in the search box. Biblically, many passages are used to prove that the Name is to be/was used by the ‘True Worshipper’.

Exodus 3:15 is used to support the use of the Name Yahweh: “This is my Name forever, and this is my memorial to all generations.”. The word “forever” is “olahm” which means “time out of mind, to eternity” [8] Many Scriptures do favour the use of the Name. The biblical law does not prohibit the use of the Name, but it warns against “misuse”, “blaspheming” or in ordinary terms, “taking lightly” the Name of YHWH. The Biblical texts suggest the people of the Bible - including the patriarchs - used the Name of YHWH. A wealth of scriptures support this notion:[9] The Assemblies of Yahweh continue to use the sacred Name for some of these reasons.

  • Original source from Wikipedia Yahweh article:
    • Assemblies of Yahweh ©, Correspondence Course, Lesson 4, The Sacred Name, pg. 3, subheading “What is His Name”? https://assembliesofyahweh.com

From 2008 wikipedia article:

Though the Assemblies of Yahweh are the only religious, unified group that consistently uses the Name Yahweh, they are also many other witnesses which approve of the correct Name being Yahweh; both Jewish and Christian authorities, such as the Jewish Encyclopedia. Bible translators James Mofatt and Dr J. M. Power Smith as well as Bible Encyclopedias, lexicons and grammars, declare the Tetragrammaton should have been transliterated “Yahweh”. Other sources include the Seventh Day Adventist Commentary Vol. 1, p511, under Exodus 3:15; Herbert Armstrong, the New Morality, pp. 128 – 129; David Neufeld, Review and Herald, December 15, 1971, page11; A New Translation of the Bible, pp 20 – 21 (Harper and Row © 1954) and J.D Douglas; New Bible Dictionary, (Wm B Eerdman’s Pub Co. © (1962), p9 as concluded: “Strictly speaking Yahweh is the only ‘Name’ of God”.




The Assemblies of Yahweh

 is a sincere faith and, in its most basic form,  a sincere group of people who are trying to keep the commandments of Yahweh. Maintaining a dedication to the teachings to which were preached by its admirable inaugurator Elder Jacob O. Meyer (see Statement of Doctrine), the ministry is viewed as a zealous group in relative doctrinal unison and whose objective is simply to be saved. Although the faith has been attacked ferociously, it is easy to tell that these accusations are false and as such, we believe that the Assemblies of Yahweh will continue to grow and become an even greater force for restored moral true worship, taking the Bible literally and accepting its authenticity without objection.


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