22/04/2009 10:27

Rules for Essay Writing

We have certain easy to follow rules for essay encylclopedia writing. The first most important thing to remember is that as long as you are over the age of 18, we will accept your essays. We try to amend spelling mistakes and other grammatical errors if we see any and would just love you add pictures to your essays too. To start with, it must be understood that they are two different types of essays on BGP.

1. Main Essays

These essays must be over 700 words and is the most accessible essay. The best of these essays will appear on your faiths page, chosen by the reviewers. Basically, these essays describe your faith, the people, the doctrines etc. If you show considerable loyalty to BGP then we may even make you into a reviewer for us!  Main essays may include biographies of current religious leaders, which we allow.

2. Minor Essays

Minor essays are small information articles consisting of about 250 words about your faith.

We no longer do poetry, short stories and prophesies.



1.     No swearing of profanity allowed

2.     No one under the age of 18 allowed to submit essay

3.     Pseudonyms’ should be used to protect identities 

4.     Must disclose religious belief with BGP

5.     No cult accusations permitted



Happy essay writing.