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General Information: 


BGP: The Assemblies of Yahweh has two educational institutions located in Bethel Pennsylvania:




Magazines -
  1. The Sacred Name Broadcaster. (Subscription list contains up to 20,000 names). | "Sacred Name Broadcaster" Site


  1. The Narrow Way Magazine. (Co-Worker Publication).
  2. The Narrow Way Newsletter (Co-Worker Publication).


Bible -

A unique Divine Name translation which uses the Sacred Hebrew names Yahweh and Yahshua (Chamberlin p. 51-3), translated by Elder Jacob O. Meyer and based on the American Standard Version of 1901.[9] It has currently undergone seven printings (1981, 1986, 1989, 1993, 1997, 2001, 2008) and contains a detailed Preface of the setting, language and name of the Bible, concluding with a section on pure vocabulary. They use several scriptures to support the use of the Name (Ephesians 3:11-15; Psalm 96:4; Psalm 86:7-9; Exodus 20:3 etc).



Radio -

A 50,000 watt radio transmitter (9265 kHz), intended to take the "message of salvation" to the ends of the earth (Matthew 24:14). MLK represents the consonants of the Hebrew word malakh" which means a “messenger” or angel (see etymology) [12] They compare WMLK to a end-time prophecy found in the Book of Revelation concerning the Elijah message: (Revelation 14:6-12).


A photograph taken from excerpt of the Sacred Name Broadcaster depicting WMLKs antennas





 For TV and Radio scheldule times in your area, go to Assemblies of Yahweh TV & Radio outreach


 Missionary work

Sabbath Services

  • Local Assemblies around the world.
  • Live Internet Streaming (Audio and Video)
  • Cassette Tape lending program


Ministerial Trips

  • Periodical Bible Conferences
  • Baptism, Marriage, Funeral requests, Prison Visitation, Personal Contact


Local Target Areas

  • Tract Distribution
  • Radio and TV Spots


The Assemblies of Yahweh is reliant on its voluntary offerings and has since its inception been very frugal with the money they receive.

Offerings are much appreciated within this organisation as there is always work to be done. Recently (07/2010),  some members worked as volunteers collectively to produce and have the Sacred Name Broadcaster mailed out, reducing costs by a substancial amount. 


The Assemblies of Yahweh leadership consists of:

  • A "Directing Elder", responsible for the Spiritual direction of the Assembly and day to day operation of the Ministry.
  • "Teaching Elders", ordained to serve as instructional leaders.
  • "Deacons", ordained to serve in the needs of the assemblies.
  • "Senior Missionaries", consecrated to serve Yahweh in local areas; many times used as local leader and (or) a new-inquirer contact point.
  • "Missionaries", consecrated to serve Yahweh in local areas to help spread their Faith.

Since its inception, the Directing Elder of the Assemblies of Yahweh has been Elder Jacob O. Meyer. In addition to the responsibilities listed above, he is the final editor of all publications, the talent behind the radio and television broadcasts and the Pastor of the assembly in Bethel, Pennsylvania. He is assisted by a group of individuals, "the Work of the Ministry", who assist him in ministerial trips, preaching and visitations and other responsibilities pertaining to the Ministry. Elder Meyer also uses them as counselors in questions of doctrine. 

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Recommended reading:

  • Biblical Ecclessiastical Assembly Adminstration

Details :

Writers: Relation to Bible Group Pickings
Zucker Main writer / reviewer (BGP)
Armstrong Provided sources (non - member of BGP)

    Final Notes

    • The Assemblies of Yahweh (Bethel PA) is not part of the Sacred Name Movement, but stands alone in its position and type.
    • Recently, there has been a puzzling rise in groups which call themselves the AOY, but they are not the authentic Assemblies of Yahweh. One of the counterfeits had to be taken to court for copyright infringement.
      • The copyright belongs to the Assemblies of Yahweh at Bethel PA. They have one site, assembliesofyahweh.com and any other links found within are maintained by the Assemblies of Yahweh.
      • We at BGP have listed just a few of these imitators on an article entitled ‘cult claims’ to make aware this problem. Often, it is these mimics that are responsible for immorality and indecency, which sadly from time to time unjustifiably rubs off on the Assemblies of Yahweh (Bethel Pa).
    • The Assemblies of Yahweh (Bethel PA) are a simple people, who believe in law and order; Government rule and peace.
    • The ministry re-emerged in 1965; its founder is Elder Jacob O. Meyer. Re-emerged: The Apostolic Assembly went in to dormancy in 70 C.E after the destruction of the temple, and did not form together as a proper true Assembly until 1965.
      • The ministries first message was heard over radio station WBMD, and has been described as the ‘voices in the air’. From these messages on returning to Yahweh’s Laws and Truth, they have assumed the title Modern Day Elijah/EliYah.
    • The Assemblies of Yahweh at Bethel PA, refrains from indecency, immorality, any violence, drunkenness, licentiousness and festivities commonly practiced: these include Xmas, Easter and Halloween, which derive from Tree, Sun and Death worship respectively.
    • The Assemblies of Yahweh exist only on the limitations of voluntary contributions. No scandals involving finances have been reported which suggests an excellent and reliable organisation.  From reports found in the annual budget records, the Assemblies of Yahweh seem to be very frugal spenders of their money, buying items only when they have to rather than want to. At the same time, the ministry  is always in need of offerings to keep it going despite their very meticulous use of their money and use of volunteers. Offerings are much appreciated.
    • The Assemblies of Yahweh believe in using the Sacred Names and keeping Bible Laws. They are Literalists, Creationists, Yahwists, Messianic Israelites, and Pacifists. Although occasionally viewed as by a cult by outsiders, there is little to no evidence to substantiate this view. We at BGP have called the cult claims false accusations.


Details :

Writers: Relation to Bible Groups Pickings
Zucker Main writer / reviewer (BGP)
Armstrong Provided sources (non - member of BGP)

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