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Elder Jacob O. Meyer

According to Armstrong, Jacob O. Meyer first learned about the Sacred Name in the late 1950s, between 1958 – 9, and taught by an ordained minister of a prominent denomination during a course in Biblical studies. E. Meyer. The Memorial Name Yahweh LCN-87-072550, “Preface”, Assemblies of Yahweh © , 1987, page i Jacob O. Meyer once learning these truths placed it on himself to herald these truths to the world, refusing to keep the sacred Names hidden among a small but privileged group of Hebrew – speaking scholars. In some ways, E. Meyers determination to proclaim the Sacred Names Yahweh and Yahshua, can be compared to the early attempts to bring the Bible to the masses in the 1500s. However, instead of receiving praise or commendation by the masses, E. Meyer has received much criticism. Jehovah Witnesses, Jews and more recently Catholics, have all joined in the fray against the use of the Sacred Name – Yahweh.

 Interestingly, these groups which seem so vehement against the Name of Yahweh, have all published material which identified the name Yahweh as being - without doubt - the most accurate pronunciation.


Born in 1934, Jacob O. Meyer devoted his life to the study, language and life setting of the Bible [1]. Meyer's family came from Germany in 1717, when Johannes Meyer came to inspect the prospects of the New World. After selling his possessions in Germany, he returned to the U.S with the entire family, settling 40 miles south of present day Bethel and 40 miles west of Philadelphia, in Lancaster County. In 1732 he bought 500 acres of land, 10 miles west of Bethel at Fredericksburg, and moved onto the homestead about 1740 . Elder Jacob Meyers grandfather came east to Berlin County, in which he married a young girl from the area, and bought a farm two miles South of Bethel. It was here where Jacob Meyer was born.

He studied at the Evangelical School of Theology in Myerstown, PA. He also earned an Associates degree from Thomas Edison State College. He was ordained in 1965, continuing working in the business world until he began fulltime ministry in 1970. He withdrew from the Church of the Brethren and founded the Assemblies of Yahweh in 1966 (Paul 2003:162).

 Meyer's search for scriptural truth

Jacob O. Meyer and his wife grew up in conservative, religious homes, both were active in their local congregations. Elder Meyer attended theological college [3], conducted meetings [4] and conducted biblical classes at the institutes he attended. By the early 1960s Elder Jacob Meyer began to learn truths which were not being taught outside of his Biblical classes. According to reports, professors, teachers and theologians would confirm with absoluteness that the true Name of God was Yahweh and yet outside classes, they would return to using the "paganized" general terms – i.e. god[5]                                                       Thus, with a growing trend of liberalism creeping in to the denomination to which Meyer belonged, Jacob Meyer and his wife began to look for religious groups willing to comply to:

“Yahweh’s Royal Law” [6] [7]

 A Heralding Message

Their efforts to locate any such organization were unsuccessful and therefore, Meyer began to formulate a plan[8] in which the Meyer family would simply isolate themselves from the world, save their tithes and finally send a “one time herald” message via a newspaper article or some other means[9]. Had Elder Meyer taken such a path, the Assemblies of Yahweh would have never come in to being – a major proponent for the worship of Yahweh[10] .


Although the Assemblies of Yahweh here in the U.S in not large numerically, the impact…throughout the world is profound.

—[[Sir Elder Jacob Meyer[11][12] ").]],


 ”Yahweh’s will”

Jacob Meyer recognised this was:

“not the will of Yahweh” [13]

and turned once again to seek other groups that were willing to help spread Bible truth. Meyer stumbled across some Sacred Name groups, but doctrinal error[14] in their teachings furthered Meyers separation from such assemblies. Nevertheless, Meyer did help to publish the Sacred Name Herald [15], after which, having confronted this group about their doctrinal errors, returned to Bethel in 1964. It was in 1965, when following a radio message, that Elder Meyer was asked to begin an assembly type organisation, to which Meyer agreed[16],



If it be Yahwehs Will.

—[[Sir Elder Jacob Meyer").]],


At this point a 30 year old Jacob Meyer was anointed with oil[17] , and the Assemblies of Yahweh emerged. Meyer points out the coincidence that this age was also the time when priests were installed to do the work of Yahweh in the Hebrew Scriptures [18]

The Assemblies of Yahweh

The name “Assemblies of Yahweh” comes from the Hebrew name of the the worshippers of Yahweh in the Hebrew Scriptures, the “Quhal Yahweh[19]. Deuteronomy 23:1-8 contains the phrase 6 times, while in other places the assembly is called the “Edah Yahweh”, translated as the “called out ones” by Christian groups (A Theology of the New Testament, page 107).

 Missionary journeys

Not only has Jacob Meyer been a prolific writer with the monthly magazines, creation of the conservative Sacred Name Bible, the Sacred Scriptures Bethel Edition and the completion of several books [20], Meyer has also travelled the globe distributing literature and visiting those who had shown an interest in the ministry. This includes: North and South America[21] , Europe [22], Asia, the Caribbean and Israel. During some of these journeys he was accomanied by his faithful wife. For a review of his early missionary travels see “Back to Our Roots” or “Milestones Issues” in the Sacred Name Broadcaster.

An Overview

Positions and Awards

Meyer was awarded a tribute in March 21 2004 for over 40 years of dedication and sacrificial* fortitude, to send the truth of the ministry out in to the world (*Archive materials show that Jacob Meyer sacrificed four years of wages from the Assemblies of Yahweh to get the truth out, whilst also maintaining a job and a family)[23]. Jacob Meyer served as  board member of the National Association of Shortwave Broadcasting and was also successfully nominated as township constable in Philadelphia, a position which Jacob Meyer never personally sought.



Positions held by Jacob O. Meyer
Founded by Jacob O. Meyer

Books written by Jacob O. Meyer


Elder Jacob O. Meyer died at 75 years old in 2010.

The ministry is now run by his three sons, which was what Elder Jacob O. Meyer wrote in his will before he died. The ministry continues to make good progress and missionary work is underway with these leaders visiting various interest areas.



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