BGP commissioned Zucker  to examine the cult claims and our results have been recorded here. After little time of researching the Assemblies of Yahweh over the internet, it became recognisable that they are hundreds of cult claims on the internet about this group.. We wanted to know why the Assemblies of Yahweh was being called a cult and if the claims had any legitimacy within them. Evidently, we at BGP found little to no legitimacy for the claim that AOY is a cult. Most sites which have the term "Assemblies of Yahweh cult" are lists of supposed cults by Christians on personal sites and forums. A supposed "cult list" has been circulated through hundreds of Christian sites and forums, making up a large amount of the “cult” searches on the internet. 


Cult accusation not legitimate

The list tell us nothing about why the Assemblies of Yahweh is a cult, but haphazardly circulated on Christian forums making up a vast proportion of the cult claim entries on search engines. It is a misleading, very crude tactic used and possibly, one that was coordinated by some Christian body. Other websites claimed that the Assemblies of Yahweh was a cult with no explanation. However, we sent emails and went meticulously in to the cult claim websites to find any explanations. 



Why cult claims and accusations


  • Mix up of groups with other Assemblies which have similar names as the Assemblies of Yahweh Bethel Pa1
  • Unfortunately, an individual attacked the Assemblies of Yahweh Bethel Pa on a forum (VOY forum) and on Wikinfo with multiple false accusations, easily refuted by documented proof and testimonials.  
  •  Some view the Assemblies of Yahweh as a cult because of their strictness.
  •  The Assemblies of Yahweh choose not to be Chr-stians as they want to be separate and holy people to Yahweh.
  • Some have claimed that Elder Jacob O. Meyer heads the Sacred Name Movement, which is another false claim.
  • The majority of searches showed the Assemblies of Yahweh listed as a cult along with other faiths with no reason given. A list of cults has been circulated around by some Roman Catholics and other Chr-stians.

An essay was submitted to BGP for inclusion, but we have only uploaded the file and not included the contents here on BGP:

Antagonism against the Assemblies of Yahweh on the internet, July 2011”.


 Counterfeits and/or Imitators 

Assembly in Yahweh in Kentucky |

Yahweh's Frystone Assembly ·       

 Assembly of Yahweh, Cascade |

  Assembly of Yah|· 

 Assembly of Yahweh at Louisville, KY

 Shalom Assembly of Yahweh |

 Assembly of Yahshua (Florida)|

Assembly of Yahweh (Seventh Day) |·    

Remnant Assembly of Yahweh - Home

 Assembly of Yahweh (Eaton Rapid MI) |

 Assembly of Yahweh UK

  Refuge Assembly of Yahweh - Yahshua The Messiah

Winnipeg Assembly of Yahweh |

Assemblies of Yahweh Rolla Assembly

Assemblies of Yahweh ministries (or of India)

World Wide Apostolic Assemblies of Yahweh International

Messianic Assemblies of Yahweh Africa 



We would advise all to take caution with counterfeit groups of the Assemblies of Yahweh, Bethel Pa. The Assemblies of Yahweh details are on the central site: Whether one lives in America, U.K, Europe, Africa, Australia, Asia, India…one must go to the site for information about the AOY (Bethel, Pa) assemblies in their own areas”

-        BGP  reviewer



After close examination, BGfound that the cult claims against the ministry are fabrications and nit picking, with seldom any factuality. We found no serious incidents at all, no indecent behaviour of any kind. Although some ex-members have caused  problems, some members are not adhering to the faith as they ought to, the ministry itself is a good one. It lacks lavishry of any kind, but it still maintains its teachings and continues to herald to the world. Doctrinally, we cannot say whether the Assemblies of Yahweh is right or wrong, but as a reviewer at  BGP , can say that I feel that most Christians who write about this faith, especially in regards to the CARM, and ReachOut Trust articles, are close-minded and less disposed to doing things by the book than these.

The main focus of such Christians is to attack the Assemblies of Yahweh for keeping Biblical Law, for rejecting unbiblical practices and for adhering to a pure form of worship based on the Bible. The discrepancy between Christian and Spiritual Israelite that is most highlighted is the Trinity, but why such an ambiguous doctrine should be so central in such debates remains a mystery and rather hypocritical, or at the very least hypercritical. After half a century, the Assemblies of Yahweh is still making progress, despite its many unwarranted adversaries.  

Hypercritical sources:

 Details :

Writers: Relation to Bible Group Pickings
Zucker Main writer / reviewer (BGP)

Provided sources (non - member of BGP)

Wrote  Why do some Christians view them as a cult? section. Reviewed by Zucker.

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Anonymous Helped artistic images and gave them over to BGPfor use on article. Chose to remain anonymous. Images are only to be used by BGP on this article and by the AOY (Bethel PA)

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The Reachout trust criticisms addressed under "Why cult claims and accusations"

  • Trinity
  • N.T language




Schwartz - a Catholic BGPcritic criticisms are available to read on the article. 

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08/07/11 Critisms addressed section deleted. We have a link to a document written addressing the claims. We have also included a table, a verdict section, logos of the apparent sites which contain information in the form of accusations, critique or lies and also deleted the webnode quote boxes to clear up the article. 



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